Education Minor FAQs

Applying to the Minor/Information Sessions

When should I apply for the Minor? 

You should apply as soon as you know the Education Minor is something you would like to do and will be able to complete, and, after attending an Information session or meeting with the advisor. Students must declare the Education minor no later than the term before their Expected Graduation Term (EGT). If that term is fall or spring, the deadline is the last day of RRR week. If that term is summer, the deadline is the last day of all Summer Sessions.

How do I apply to the Minor?

After attending an Information session, or meeting with the Minor advisor, submit the online application to the Minor, the link for which is on the Applying page. You will need to authenticate yourself with your CalNet ID to begin the process. When completing the online application form, you will be asked to provide a list of courses and fieldwork you have already taken and/or plan to take to complete the requirements of the minor.

Do I have to attend an information session before I apply for the Minor?

It is advisable to attend an information session before applying. However, if you are unable to attend an information session, you are also welcome to meet with the advisor. It is also possible that, due to circumstances such as being in your last semester at Cal, an information session may not be necessary. Check with the Education Minor advisor if you have questions.

How do I find out about information sessions?

Information sessions are scheduled during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Do I have to sign up in advance to attend an information session or can I just show up?

It is helpful to the advisor to sign up in advance so that an adequate number of materials can be brought to the session. However, students are most welcome to show up without advance notice.

Are information sessions required?

No, but they are strongly recommended to make sure you understand all requirements, particularly early in your studies and/or in taking Education courses.

I am a graduating senior and haven't yet applied for the minor.  I think I have completed all the requirements. Will you still take my application?

Yes, applications to the Minor are taken anytime you are enrolled. It is not necessary to attend an information session if you have already completed all the requirements.

What happens after I submit my application?

The Advisor will review your application for completeness. Then, your e-mail address will be entered on the Education Minor listserve so that you can receive updates, and other information about opportunities in the field of Education.


I need to talk to an advisor. Can I just stop by or do I need an appointment?

The advisor is generally available during posted office hours, but there is a chance the advisor may be meeting with someone else or in another meeting. If you want to make sure the advisor is available when you stop by, it is suggested to make an appointment.

Are there any prerequisites for the Education Minor?

No, there are no prerequisites for the Education Minor. 

Can I take my education courses and fieldwork in any order?

Yes, you may take your courses and fieldwork in any order, as there is no sequence of courses in the Education Minor.


How do I enroll in fieldwork for the Minor?

Education Minor fieldwork is generally either under EDUC 197 or EDUC W144. EDUC 197 has several sections, each of which is a separate field program, with a separate class number. Students need to contact the person listed as the coordinator for the field program to obtain the class number to enroll. EDUC W144 has a number of partner programs and also allows for students to propose a field site.  To enroll in EDUC W144, contact the coordinator for details, or contact the Ed Minor advisor.

How do I know if fieldwork is approved for the Education Minor?

Check the list of "Education Minor Approved Field Sections" at the bottom of the Requirements page.

What is the difference between a “minor approved” field study and one that is not “minor approved”?

Minor approved fieldwork has an approved “seminar” in which educational issues, theories, and/or philosophies are addressed. Other fieldwork generally does not have such a seminar.

How do I choose which field program to enroll in?

This will depend on your interests. Some programs will deal with specific age groups, ranging from Pre-K, to K-12 to college students, and some will have a specific area of focus. To assist you in deciding, you can meet with the Education Minor Advisor and/or contact the coordinator for the field program for which you have questions.

Do I have to take all 3 units in one semester or can I spread them out?

You are welcome to spread out your field units over 2 or 3 semesters. However, you may take all 3 in one semester if that better fits your circumstances.

Can I use the same field program for all 3 of my field units?

You are welcome to use the same field program for all 3 units (you can enroll in the same program multiple times) or have 2 or 3 different field programs, as long as they are all approved for the minor.

I signed up for an education elective class that requires fieldwork in addition to the class requirements. Does the fieldwork for that class count towards the fieldwork for the minor?

Courses vary regarding fieldwork and can sometimes be confusing. Please check your course against the current Ed Minor semester list of courses and/or the Education Minor Advisor. The semester list of courses clearly states which courses have fieldwork that counts towards the Minor fieldwork requirement.

Is there any fieldwork available over the summer?

Most Minor-approved fieldwork in the summer is available through Educ W144.

Can I get paid and get units for my fieldwork?

This is unusual, but it is acceptable as long as the field program allows you to receive both units and pay for the same hours.

I didn't know that the fieldwork I completed was not approved for the Minor. What can I do?

There is a petition process for non-Minor approved fieldwork. You should consult with the Education Minor advisor about your specific circumstances.

I volunteer at an after school program, but don’t get academic units for it. Can I use that for the Minor?

That is possible through Educ W144. However, retroactive units are not possible. You will need to contact the coordinator of Educ W144 to determine if you can get units for your after school program for an upcoming semester.


Do I need an advisor code to enroll in any Education courses?

No, education courses do not have advisor codes.

How do I enroll in EDUC 190? 

Please read the instructions on the Requirements page under Educ 190 for further information and/or contact the Education Minor advisor.

How do I know if a course is approved as an elective for the Minor?

Check the "Education Minor Approved Course List" at the bottom of the Requirements page.

How many courses can I take that count for both my major and the Ed minor?

You are welcome to have one (1) course that counts for both your major and the Education Minor.

I am double majoring. Can I use one course in one of my majors for the Minor and another course in my second major for the minor?

No, you can only use one (1) course in the Education Minor in common with any of your majors or other minors.

I am taking a course in another department that is not on the ed minor approved list and the course covers education. Can I use it as an elective for the Minor?

Possibly. There is a petition process for courses not on the Education minor approved list, but you will need to demonstrate that the course has significant educational content. See the Education Minor Advisor about this process and the specific course in question.

I am going abroad for a semester and want to take a course in education. Can I use it toward the Education Minor?

Yes, most likely. Students are permitted to use one (1) Education course in an EAP program towards your minor, as long as it’s equivalent to 3 semester units and you take it for a grade. If the course is not in the Education department of that school, you will need to petition the course. Students should consult with the Education Minor Advisor about any EAP course they want to use for the minor.

I read that students need to take 3 out of 5 courses for the minor as upper division.  I only see 4 courses and fieldwork. Can you explain? 

The 3 units of fieldwork are considered one “course” for the minor, even though the units may be taken over multiple semesters.

Does 190 count as one of the upper division courses?

Yes. Including 190, you would only need two (2) more upper division courses/fieldwork. The other two (2) may be lower division.

I would like to enroll in a graduate course in Education and use it for the Minor. How do I find out if I can enroll in a graduate course in Education?

You must contact the instructor of the graduate course you are interested in taking. Some courses are restricted to graduate students, but others are open to undergraduates. 

Completion of the Minor

I am not sure I will be able to complete the requirements of the Minor. If I apply and then don’t finish, will anything show on my transcript?

The Education Minor will not show on your transcript if you do not complete the Minor. The courses you have completed will remain.

What do I need to do and when to make sure the minor shows on my academic record?

A detailed explanation can be found on the Completing page of this site. In short, all student must submit two (2) online items.  An overlap form is required for students with certain majors or other minors, as listed on that page.

What will I get when I complete the Minor?

Once all requirements are completed and all completion items have been submitted, each student will receive a verification letter via email. In addition, the Minor will be listed on your transcript. There is also an annual "Completion Celebration" in May that graduates are encouraged to attend.