Equity-Centered Coaching: Deepening Equity Practice (Module 3)

Coaching is a form of professional development that, when implemented well, is highly impactful because it takes place in the context of a trusting relationship, is individualized and naturally differentiated, and is driven by the day to day needs and aspirations of the learner. An instructional coach works to continually build the learner’s capacity to be a reflective, self-directed learner.

Coaches can play a unique role in supporting educational equity in schools, as the coach can be a mirror, provide a space to be vulnerable, and a space for the learner to reflect deeply on the degree to which their actions align with their beliefs and values and their impact in the classroom.

In this course, coaches with some training and/or experience will begin to internalize the assumptions and questions in the coaching lenses in order to expand your thinking about what you hear, and open greater possibilities in your coaching conversations. In this offering, you’ll also hone your ability to identify and re-frame equity issues in our schools, and have the chance to practice conversations about beliefs, building on practice from the 2nd offering. We’ll also address ways to develop your own emotional intelligence and ways to coach others toward emotional awareness and resilience.

We will accomplish objectives through reading articles and book chapters about coaching, watching coaching role plays and videos, engaging in small and large group discussions, activities, and reflective writing, as well as practicing coaching skills through simulations and actual coaching conversations.

This course is the third offering in a series on instructional coaching. If you did not take the first or second offering, but have taken other coach training or have coaching experience, please indicate that in the registration materials and we will be in touch with you.


Noelle Apostol Colin is a relationship and capacity builder with twenty years of experience as an elementary school teacher, instructional and leadership coach, professional development expert, and facilitator. She is driven by her central purpose—ensuring all children in schools are valued and joyfully supported to fulfill their full intellectual potential. She envisions an education system that is a healing, liberatory experience for all. She is a systems thinker who works to develop and nurture thriving communities of adult learners, knowing that we need each other to bring a new educational world into being.

She taught elementary school, coached and worked as an administrator in Oakland and San Francisco Unified School Districts. She received an MA in Education Leadership from the Principal Leadership Institute at UC Berkeley in 2012. Most recently, she worked as a lead facilitator and coach for Bright Morning, Elena Aguilar’s consulting company, leading coaching, capacity building and systems change work in schools and districts around the US and internationally.

Session Schedule

We will meet virtually for 5 sessions.

Tuesday April 19, 2022, 4:00–6:30 
Tuesday April 26, 4:00–6:30 
Tuesday May 3, 4:00–6:30 
Tuesday May 10, 4:00–6:30 
Tuesday May 17, 4:00–6:30 

* All meeting times are in Pacific time.


This course content includes:

  • coaching lenses
  • historical inequity and oppression in schools
  • developing skills in identifying current equity issues in schools
  • coaching for and developing emotional intelligence (in both the coach and the coaching client)
  • application to your practice through role playing and observation
  • reflection on your own coaching practice (through videotaped coaching session)

Who Should Participate?

Teacher Leaders, Teachers on Special Assignment, Instructional Coaches, Teacher Induction coaches (BTSA), Department or Grade Level Chairs who want to develop their instructional coaching skills


  • $750 
  • 1 CEU is available at an additional cost of $55.
  • If you are a Bay Area teacher leader at an eligible school or district, you may apply for 21CSLA sponsorship and participate for free! (CEU not included.)


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Contact Jessica Evans at j.evans@berkeley.edu