Mónica Zegers Larrain

Mónica Zegers is a PhD candidate in the Human Development and Education program at the BSE. She was born and raised in Chile, where she earned a BA in Psychology and a professional degree in Clinical Psychology, both at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. She later worked for two years as a therapist for children with developmental and learning disabilities while completing a graduate diploma in Pediatric Neuropsychology. From 2014 to 2020, Monica worked as a researcher at the Institute of Human Development at UC Berkeley.

Her work focused on the evaluation of parenting programs focused on Latino families in the United States. She started her PhD in 2016, and in 2019 she earned an MA in Human Development and Education from UC Berkeley's BSE.

Currently, Mónica is working on her dissertation, which focuses on Chilean parents' socio-cultural literacy activities with their pre-literate children. She also has research projects on (1) the intersection between parent practices and childhood literacy development, and (2) early detection and diagnosis of dyslexia among Spanish-speaking populations.

Specializations and Interests

Family Literacy Practices; Literacy Development; Child Development; Family Socialization


M.A., Education, Human Development, UC Berkeley

B.A., Psychology, Professional Degree in Clinical Psychology, Graduate Degree in Pediatric Neuropsychology, Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile