Language, Literacy, and Culture

The Language, Literacy, and Culture (LLC) doctoral program investigates language and literacy practices in relation to sociocultural, historical, technological, and ideological formations. In their research and teaching, our faculty members represent interdisciplinary areas of study across the humanities, social sciences, and education. We expand beyond traditional disciplinary divisions, in theory and methods, to nurture collaborative and participatory approaches at the intersection of research and action. Our faculty and students conduct research in local and international contexts and study language and literacy in a wide range of institutional and informal settings, including classrooms, homes,healthcare centers, community organizations, and online environments. As a scholarly community, we advocate for cultural and linguistic diversity in research, practice, and policy, with special emphasis on access, equity and innovation in education. Our vision of language, literacy, and culture affirms language and literacy education as crucially important to social justice and participatory democracy.

Areas of specialization

Sociocultural aspects of language use and development across the lifespan

Linguistic and cultural diversity in language and literacy education

Intersections of disability and language and literacy learning

Race and inequality in language and literacy education

Bi/multilingualism and translanguaging in schools and communities

Indigenous language maintenance and education in local and global contexts

Literacy in a Digital Age

Literacy in and out of school