Research Centers & Projects


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Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research (BEAR) Center

Conducts research on the development and use of new assessment methods by engaging in close collaborations with leaders in curriculum and learning innovations. 

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Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)

Seeks to define and sustain a long-term strategy for comprehensive policy reform and continuous improvement in performance at all levels of California’s education system.

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Embodied Design Research Laboratory

Creates and evaluates theory-driven educational innovation using both traditional and cutting-edge media.

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The Functions Group

Serves as a research forum for students and others interested in varied aspects of mathematical cognition. Its agenda is to serve the research needs of its members. The group does whatever it can to help its members make sense of issues related to mathematical thinking, teaching, and learning.

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Technology-Enhanced Learning in Science (TELS)

Develops free, standards-based inquiry science curricula and the open source WISE instructional platform.

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Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics, Certificate Program in Psychedelic Facilitation

The 9-month, 200-hour professional preparation program for psychedelic facilitators provides interdisciplinary training for advanced religious, spiritual-care, and healthcare professionals working in areas such as chaplaincy, ministry, medicine, nursing, mental health counseling, psychiatry, and social work.

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CoRE Lab (Computational Representations in Education)

Examines how scientific computing tools — like computer simulations, data visualizations, and interactive maps — are fundamentally changing how young people learn and communicate about our world.

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Laboratory for the Study of Interaction and Discourse in Educational Research

A group that supports research projects that  develop and engage the transformative potential of educational research and pedagogy.  We also support projects that seek collaboration with local and transnational communities of educators and leaders in education.