Job Opportunities

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We're hiring! See below for the list of job opportunities currently available at Berkeley School of Education.


Coordinator of Public Programs - Center for Research on Expanding Educational Opportunity (CREEO)

The Berkeley School of Education (BSE) at the University of California is recruiting for a Coordinator of Public Programs position in the Center for Research on Expanding Educational Opportunity (CREEO). This position will serve as the CREEO Program Director, under the supervision of the Faculty Director, Dr. Travis Bristol. We are seeking outstanding educational leaders who can help develop and oversee innovative projects aimed at supporting our most marginalized students through leadership, teaching and program restructuring. Qualified members of systemically underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. More details on the Center for Research on Expanding Educational Opportunity application.

Teacher Special Programs - National Board Support Center

The Berkeley School of Education (BSE) at the University of California, seeks qualified temporary non-tenure track, part-time Facilitators or Co-Facilitators (Teacher - Special Programs or TSP) to provide support through the The National Board Resource Center (NBRC) at UC Berkeley for teachers seeking National Board Certification; a project of the Center for Research on Expanding Educational Opportunity (CREEO). The NBRC is designed to support teachers who serve in high need schools as identified by the State of California and in particular teachers who represent the student populations in those schools. More details on the Teacher Special Programs - National Board Support Center application.

Teacher Special Programs (TSP) - Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP)

We are seeking qualified temporary non-tenure track, part-time Instructors, Co-instructors, and Instructional Associates (TSP) to teach K-12 students in the Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) for summer 2024. Teaching Responsibilities: We are seeking outstanding instructors (TSPs) who can teach courses in ATDP’s Elementary Division, Secondary Division, and Global Programs. Final course format (online or on-site) will depend on public health orders and/or University policies as well as enrollment minimums. Individuals who qualify to teach the following subjects are encouraged to apply: Mathematics (ED & SD), Writing (ED & SD), Spanish (SD), Elementary Science (ED), Chemistry (SD & GP), Introduction to Engineering (SD), Intro/Advanced Biotechnology (GP), Artificial Intelligence Applications (GP), Advanced Robotic Engineering (SD), Earth/Planetary/ Physical Sciences (ED & SD), Programming in Scratch/Snap/Java/Python (ED & SD & GP), Algorithms & Data Structures (SD), Architectural Design (SD & GP), Art (ED & SD), Business & Finance (SD & GP), Data Science or AP Statistics (SD), Entrepreneurship (SD & GP), Practice of Law (SD), Public Speaking (GP), Social Psychology (SD & GP), AP Psychology (SD), Cognitive Neuroscience (SD). More details on the Teacher Special Programs application.

Lecturer Pool - CalTeach Berkeley - Math and Physical Sciences Division

The CalTeach program at the University of California, Berkeley invites applications for a pool of qualified temporary non-tenure track lecturers for its undergraduate education courses, should an opening arise. All of these positions will be taught in person. CalTeach Berkeley courses include introductory seminars focused on science or math teaching in elementary and middle schools, Knowing & Learning in Math and Science, Classroom Interactions: Focus on Equity in Urban Schools, Research Methods, Project Based Instruction, History of Science and Math, and Apprentice Teaching for student teaching support. More details on the CalTeach Berkeley application.

Lecturer - Teacher Education Program

The Berkeley School of Education (BSE) at the University of California, Berkeley is generating an applicant pool of qualified temporary, part-time, non-tenure track Lecturers to teach graduate courses in its professional preparation programs for 2023-2024. Screening of applicants begins immediately and continues as needed. Applicants may be selected from this pool to be appointed in Fall and Spring semesters, or to teach in Summer Sessions. The number of positions varies from semester to semester. Appointments may be renewed based on need and performance. More details on the Teacher Education Program application.


Director of Research Development

The Director of Research Development develops and oversees the School’s research portfolio. Responsibilities include strategic research advancement; communication of research and research opportunities; enhancement of collaboration; and proposal development and support functions. More details on the Director of Research Development application.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Appointment Coordinator

Serve as a graduate and undergraduate student appointments coordinator for GSR, GSI, Reader, and Tutor and student assistant appointments. More details on the UC Jobs webpage.

GSI/GSR/Reader/Tutor Positions

Students interested in being a GSI, GSR, Reader, or Tutor find information on our student hiring application page.  


Youth Workshop Facilitator

Computer Science 4 Racial Justice (CS4RJ) is hiring a part-time/hourly undergraduate to assist with facilitating youth workshops at an Oakland Public Library.

CS4RJ emphasizes storytelling through computing as a way to introduce students to specific computer science skills and content by having students create digital multimedia that shares students' own visions of racial justice in ways that are interactive and "alive." We seek a youth workshop facilitator for the CS4RJ project during spring 2024, with opportunities to extend into summer.

The candidate's specific duties will include: assistance in preparing/adapting curriculum materials CS4RJ library-based workshops; reaching out to youth, families, and teachers to recruit for the workshops; serving as a co-facilitator/teacher during weekly workshops for youth that will be run at the library; build relationships with youth and families during workshops, help them access what they need alongside co-facilitators; supporting and reviewing student work and exit tickets weekly in between sessions; attending debrief and planning sessions with the teaching/research team; writing up field notes and, potential, research reports related to the work.

This position offers opportunities for career growth around project management, academic (conference/journal) and/or public (blog) writing, and youth and community engagement.

Interested candidates may submit their resume/CV to Professor Michelle Wilkerson, Work Study students can see the job description on the portal (#6247223694).