Job Opportunities

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We're hiring! See below for the list of jobs currently available at the Berkeley School of Education.


Lecturer - Teacher Education Program

The Berkeley School of Education (BSE) at the University of California, Berkeley is generating an applicant pool of qualified temporary, part-time, non-tenure track Lecturers to teach graduate courses in its professional preparation programs for 2023-2024. Screening of applicants begins immediately and continues as needed. Applicants may be selected from this pool to be appointed in Fall and Spring semesters, or to teach in Summer Sessions. The number of positions varies from semester to semester. Appointments may be renewed based on need and performance. More details on the application.

Associate Field Program Supervisor - Leadership Programs

The Berkeley School of Education (BSE) is generating an applicant pool of qualified temporary, part-time, non-tenure track, Field Program Supervisors (Coaches) to support practicing administrators and teacher leaders throughout the Bay Area. Coaching occurs mostly in-person and explicitly centers equity and anti-racism as key levers to leading liberatory schools. More details on the application.

Postdoctoral Scholar

The postdoctoral fellow will conduct research under the supervision of Associate Professor Travis J. Bristol. The postdoctoral fellow will contribute to Professor Bristol's research foci. Using qualitative methods, Dr. Bristol explores three related research strands: (1) the role of educational policies in shaping the workplace experiences and retention of educators of color; (2) district and school-based professional learning communities for educators of color; (3) the role of race and gender in educational settings. The primary responsibilities include a) Collecting qualitative data (e.g. semi-structured interviews and participant observations) for Professor Bristol's ongoing educators of color research projects; b) Analyzing collected data; c) Assisting with the preparation of manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed research journals; d) Assisting with the preparation of policy briefs; e) Participating in weekly research team meetings with doctoral and undergraduate research assistants. More details on the application.

Supervisor of Teacher Education - Berkeley Teacher Education Program (BTEP)

Berkeley Teacher Education Program Faculty Advisors (formally titled Supervisors of Teacher Education) support the learning of teacher education students through teaching, field support, and cycles of reflection and improvement. They also participate in program development and relationship building with local schools, districts, and communities. Faculty Advisors support a cohort of graduate students as they engage in coursework and fieldwork leading to a preliminary teaching credential and a Master’s degree in Education. They teach theory, methods, and field practicum courses, and participate in committees that focus on the activities and goals of the teacher education program. More details on the application.

Instructor, Co-Instructor, or Instructional Associate (ATDP)

The School of Education (BSE) at the University of California, Berkeley, seeks qualified temporary non-tenure track, part-time Instructors, Co-instructors, and Instructional Associates (TSP) to teach in the Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) at UC Berkeley. We are seeking outstanding instructors (TSPs) who can teach courses in ATDP’s Elementary Division, Secondary Division, and Global Programs. Final course format (online or on-site) will depend on public health orders and/or University policies as well as enrollment minimums. In addition to teaching responsibilities, duties include: holding office hours, assigning grades, writing student evaluations, advising students, attending faculty meetings, and preparing course materials. More details on the application. 

Lecturer - School Psychology

The School of Education (BSE) at the University of California, Berkeley seeks a Lecturer to teach in the School Psychology Program. We are seeking outstanding lecturers who can teach courses in the school’s advanced degree program: School Psychology. In addition to teaching and clinical supervision responsibilities , duties include holding office hours, assigning grades, advising students and preparing course materials. More details on the application.


There are no Academic: Senate positions open at this time.

GSI/GSR/Reader/Tutor Positions

Students interested in being a GSI, GSR, Reader, or Tutor can get more information on our application page.  


Public Education Coordinator

The 21st Century School Leadership Academy housed at the Berkeley School of Education is looking for a Public Education Coordinator who will, among other things, establish evaluation criteria for measuring desired results and impact; uses considerable discretion to determine methods and procedures to support the research team and evaluators with data collection and analysis; plan and develop professional learning offerings for Collective meetings and Center functions; evaluate prospective program partnerships; recruits, select, orient, evaluate and supervise professional development providers; develop, prepare and reconcile budget for program(s); and evaluate and adjust course content through evaluations and levels of interest shown. Find more details by clicking this link for the application.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Appointment Coordinator

Serve as a graduate and undergraduate student appointments coordinator for GSR, GSI, Reader, and Tutor and student assistant appointments. More details on the UC Jobs webpage.

Operations Coordinator-School Leadership Programs

Administers a defined operational program or activities which includes the following functions: finance, student services, human resources, and communications. Serves as a work leader for a small team of clerical and administrative staff to ensure the smooth operational program for all activities of the Berkeley School of Education Leadership Programs. More details on the UC Jobs webpage.