PLI Student Calendar

Includes the following public calendars:

PLI Cohort 23 | PLI Cohort 22 | UC Berkeley Student Calendar*

* UC Berkeley Student Calendar is not maintained by PLI staff and may not apply to PLI Students.

Note to students: Future class dates/times/locations are subject to change - always defer to your instructor(s) and/or syllabi.

  • You can subscribe to any of these public calendars through Google Calendar (or any application that supports it):
    • To subscribe through Google Calendar, click the "+" button (bottom right)

      • You will be prompted to sign in to your Google account (and set your location if you haven't already)
      • A box will display asking "Do you want to add these calendars?"
      • From there you can select which calendars to add to your Google account
  • You can change your calendar view by clicking the Week, Month, or Agenda tabs at the top of the calendar grid.
  • You can un-check calendars to remove them from the current display: click the drop down arrow (top right) for the calendar key.