Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

The following provides prospective applicants with information about several key aspects of the School Psychology Program at the University of California, Berkeley.

The information also includes the disclosure data for the American Psychological Association (APA)*.

Program Disclosures

Time to Degree Completion for all Students Entering the Program

Also, please describe or provide a link to program admissions policies that allow students to enter  with credit for prior graduate work, and the expected implications for time to completion. Please indicate NA if not applicable:

The School of Education at University of California, Berkeley does not automatically grant credit for students who enter with prior graduate coursework. Individual courses may be waived if the student's advisor and the faculty member who teaches the course deem a graduate course taken prior to enrolling at UC Berkeley equivalent to the UC Berkeley graduate course on the basis of a syllabus review. These waivers of individual courses typically do not result in fewer years to completing the degree.

Program Costs

Internship Placement - Table 1

Internship Placement - Table 2

* Cell should only include students who applied for internship and are included in applied cell count from “Internship Placement – Table 1"