Undergraduate Major in Educational Sciences

Declaring the major

UC Berkeley undergraduate students can declare an Educational Sciences major in fall 2024. Students can prepare for and take classes toward the major immediately. 


To complete the major requirements, students must take 11 total required courses in four domains (Teaching and Learning; Educational Contexts in a Global World; Education and Social Transformation; and Educational Research and Practice). Within these areas, students are able to choose among a subset of courses, as listed below.

Teaching and Learning

Required (select two):

130: Knowing and Learning in Math and Science (3)

140AC: The Art of Making Meaning: Educational Perspectives on Literacy and Learning in a Global World (4)

Select one:

114A: Early development and Education (4)

132: Language Learning in Chicanx/Latinx Communities (4)

166: Will STEM Save US? The Promises and Perils of STEM Education (3)

170: Teaching and Learning Data/Computational Science (3)

Educational Contexts in a Global World 

Select three:

40AC: From Macro to Micro: Experiencing Education (In)equality in and Beyond Schools (3)

*141: Exploring Digital Pedagogy (3)

*142: Education in a Global World (4)

154: Language in/and the World (3)

*161: Digital Learning Environments (3)

*165: Early Learning Environments for Diverse Learners (4)

167: Higher Education Policy (3)

Education and Social Transformation  

Select three:

155AC: Asian American Struggles and Collective Learning for Racial Justice (4)

163: Contemporary Issues in US Education (3)

181: Race, Identity, and Culture in Urban Schools (3)

182AC: The Politics of Educational Inequality (4) 

188: Language, Race and Power in Education (3) 

*190AC: Critical Studies in Education (4)

Educational Research and Practice Capstone 

Required capstone research/practicum course:

*144: Practicum in Education/Capstone project (3)

Select one:

122: Research Methods for Science and Mathematics K-12 Teachers (3)

*153: Research in Education: Studying Educational Inequality and Possibility (4)

168: Educational Testing in the USA: Issues and a Practical Experience (3)

Two elective courses

Students must take an additional 6-8 units (two courses) of upper-division elective coursework, either within the School of Education (including graduate level courses, see the Academic Guide or from a pre-approved list of electives outside of BSE, aligned with elective courses already approved for our undergraduate maojr and minor (see the Education approved course list).

Courses marked with * indicate hybrid or online instruction: No more than 5 courses or 20 units may be taken hybrid/online