Alejandra Ojeda-Beck

Alejandra Ojeda-Beck is a Health Service/Clinical Faculty member in the School Psychology Program. In this capacity she teaches the foundational seminar in early to school age development and school-based practice, as well as the year-long psychological assessment sequence, and provides clinical supervision for school-based practicum experiences. Additionally, Dr. Ojeda-Beck has served as the Faculty Chair for the School Psychology program’s All-Program Committee, Social Engagement Committee and (currently) the Conference Committee. Dr. Ojeda-Beck is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of California, a Licensed Educational Psychologist, as well as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and credentialed School Psychologist. She works locally as a part-time School Psychologist for the Piedmont Unified School District, and has received experience and training as a Bilingual School Psychologist at Hayward Unified School District. Dr. Ojeda-Beck currently serves on the Leadership Team for the National Association of School Psychologists, Bilingual Interest Group.

Prior to receiving her PhD in Education (School Psychology), she received a Master’s in Peace and Justice Studies, focusing on microlending in displaced communities. In 2016, Dr. Ojeda-Beck was awarded the American Education Research Association, Minority Dissertation Fellowship for her research on using graphic novels with bilingual and mono-lingual high school students to teach academic vocabulary and increase reading comprehension, reading motivation and transportation. Her research interests include how to use the graphic novel format to support student learning and reading engagement in both monolingual and (emerging) bilingual students.


PhD, University of California, Berkeley

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