GSI Hiring and Application

Apply for a Graduate Student Instructor Position

The GSI application portal for fall appointments is closed. The portal for spring appointments will open later this summer. Please check back in Mid-June.

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Steps in the GSI Matching Process

  1. Applicants must submit an application for each position in which they are interested in for a given semester.
  2. Instructors are provided with a list of the applicants and will reach out to candidates for further discussion of qualifications.
  3. Instructors are provided with the full list of applications in case they would like to conduct additional review.
  4. The faculty member will submit a hiring form to BSE Student Hiring ( to begin the formal hiring process.
  5. After the appointment forms are submitted, please wait for confirmation from BSE Student Hiring that the appointment has been processed before starting work.

Requirements for First-Time GSIs

To be eligible for GSI positions, Graduate Council Policy stipulates that students must complete a number of requirements. These requirements must be completed before the first day of a students' prospective GSI assignment:

  • Complete an hour-long Academic Student Employee (ASE) orientation session.
  • Complete or be concurrently enrolled in the EDUC 375 pedagogy course (or another 375 course on campus, with approval from the course instructor and the BSE Faculty Advisor for GSI Affairs).
  • Attend the day-long Teaching Conference sponsored by the GSI Teaching & Resource Center. This conference is held in the fall and spring semesters on the Friday before classes begin. Pre-registration is required. Attending this conference by the spring semester is necessary to be eligible for first-time appointments during the summer.
  • Additionally, if you are an international student and first-time GSI, you must also complete the Teaching Conference for International GSIs, which takes place in the fall semester on the Thursday before classes begin. Attending this conference is necessary to be eligible for first-time appointments during the subsequent fall, spring, or summer semesters (ex: attend training in fall 2023, then apply for spring or summer 2024).
  • Complete the online course GSI Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching before interacting with students (in person or online) in the role of instructor.

More information can be found in the Graduate Council Policy on Appointments and Mentoring of GSIs