Judith Warren Little

Judith Warren Little's research interests center on the organizational and occupational contexts of teaching, with special attention to teachers' collegial relationships and to the contexts, policies, and practices of teachers' professional development. In pursuing these interests, she attempts to balance attention to the daily life of schools and locally situated meanings, identities, and relationships with a broader view of the social, institutional, and policy environments in which the work of teaching resides.

Note: Although I remain active in research and mentoring, I have retired from full-time teaching and advising and am no longer accepting new PhD students.


The publications below are those most frequently requested.  Please see the full c.v. for a more  comprehensive list.

Little, J.W. (2015). Insights for teacher education from  cross-field studies of professional preparation. In Smeby, J-C. & Sutphen, M. (Eds.) From Vocational to Professional Education: Educating for Social Welfare. (pp. 50-69). London: Routledge.

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PhD, University of Colorado, Sociology

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