Social Justice Teacher Leadership

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Are you ready to be part of the change efforts at your school site? Are you looking to develop your leadership skills and make an impact outside your classroom?

Teacher leaders are a key resource for distributed leadership and drivers of school improvement efforts, but often are not provided with their own professional learning and support system. Resource-lean systems often rely on teacher leaders to find their own way or assume that someone who is a strong teacher will simply transfer those skills to the adult learning setting, without recognizing the differences in adult learning theory and the leadership skills needed to succeed in these roles. Teacher leaders come with expertise, based on their knowledge and experience, that should be leveraged, while simultaneously developing leadership skills, including data analysis, instructional coaching, and facilitation of professional learning.

The Graduate School of Education's teacher leadership offerings are designed to support both in-classroom and out-of-classroom teacher leaders who want to develop their equity-centered instructional leadership skill set. Core tenets across all offerings are the importance of centering personal identity and relationship building as they intersect with building your leadership skills. Teacher leaders may take the modules independently or as part of the Social Justice Teacher Leader Certificate

Through our teacher leadership offerings, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the various dimensions of equity-centered instructional leadership
  • Apply your learning to your context and your role as a teacher leader
  • Individualize your program to develop the leadership skills (i.e., instructional coaching, facilitation, data analysis) of interest to you and that are in your zone of proximal development
  • Strengthen your professional network to support continuous growth and promote professional resilience

Certificate Program

Sponsorship by the 21CSLA available for eligible public school educators.

Social Justice Teacher Leader Certificate

A professional learning certificate program designed for practicing educators who want to develop their capacity to drive social justice within their context.

Current Offerings

May be available for free through sponsorship by the 21CSLA Alameda Regional Academy to eligible public school educators.

Custom Offerings

We also offer customized, cohort-based offerings designed with partnering districts. Click here to see an example and learn more.

Localized Cohort Experiences

The Leadership Programs may design specially-requested teacher leadership offerings with interested districts or organizations. These tailored programs can be delivered on-site and aim to address identified goals and needs. At the partnering organization’s discretion, additional seats in the cohort may be offered to external participants in exchange for a reduced price. The Cornerstone Program for Teacher Leadership is an example of a recent Leadership Programs offering developed in conjunction with a district partner.