Saman Rahimi

Saman Rahimi joins the Berkeley School of Education Leadership Programs as an Education Project Specialist for the 21CSLA Alameda Regional Academy. She graduated from the University of Victoria, British Columbia with a Master's degree in educational administration and leadership. She has gained an in-depth knowledge of instructional practices, designing curriculum, and the philosophy of education due to this academic path. She has worked in public and private educational institutions for more than six years, managing and supervising staff members as well as assisting K–12 educators and students to enhance their academic performance. Her work is distinguished by her passion for improving students' educational outcomes and her dedication to evidence-based techniques. In addition, during her previous positions as an interventionist, support specialist, and counselor at the Recreational Youth Program at UC Berkeley, and as a public education specialist in Lawrence Hall of Science,she engaged in academic committees, mentored students, and conducted community outreach related to public education.

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