Stefanie Baker

Dr. Stefanie C. Baker is a career educator. She started in the elementary classroom and has enjoyed a journey from classroom to Literacy Coach, Literacy Advisor to Curriculum Coordinator, Training Coordinator to Director of Professional Development, and Teacher Mentor to Executive Director of the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education. Stefanie completed her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Born in Los Angeles, CA, Stefanie’s career has spanned each U.S. coast, and region, and she is excited that 21CSLA has provided the opportunity to call California home once again. Stefanie has committed her professional life to urban education research and scholarship. She is committed to studying and applying strategies and practices that foster pedagogical spaces where all students are honored, celebrated, and academically challenged.

Stefanie's work exists in the education space in publications, including the Journal for Negro Education and Education Week. She has presented in numerous professional settings, including the NUA Teach for Intelligence Conference, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), the National Charter Schools Conference, The Alumni of Color Conference at Harvard, and the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism at Oxford. The expanse Dr. Baker’s career has included providing pedagogical support to educators and school leaders in public, private, charter, rural and urban schools, and districts nationwide.

Dr. Baker has served her community as a board member for several local charities, including the Food Bank of Central Missouri, The Centennial Park Conservancy, RBWPH Awareness Group, and The Theater Bug where she served as Board President for two of the most successful years in the organization’s history. Stefanie is a member of several civic, philanthropic organizations committed to enhancing the quality of life of traditionally marginalized communities. Whether in the classroom, the boardroom, or the cheering section for her 18-year-old twins, Stefanie's passion remains working collaboratively to orchestrate opportunities for people to realize and maximize their inherent potential.

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Dr. Stefanie C. Baker
Coaching Coordinator
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