2023 Impact + Vision report

Our education system — perhaps our most promising engine of social change — is embattled. We face a teacher and school leader shortage that affects student learning; culture wars related to race, gender, and sexuality intended to distract us and marginalize certain populations; continuing gun violence that breeds an atmosphere of fear; an ongoing student mental health crisis; and persistent and uneven school funding. These challenges to education are challenges to our society.

And yet here at Berkeley, we are hopeful. We’re hopeful because at this world-class public university we are training teachers, leaders, and researchers who are deeply committed to equity to transform education. We are hopeful because our innovation in research and practice directly and positively impacts students, schools, and systems.

Please read Berkeley School of Education's 2023 Impact and Vision report to know more about our accomplishments this year and our priorities for the future.

In my role as the new dean at Berkeley School of Education, I am dedicated to doubling down on the impact the school makes on the lives of our students, communities, and profession. I look forward to working together.

Michelle D. Young
Dean and Professor
Berkeley School of Education
University of California, Berkeley