PLI Electronic Document Convention

  1. Document file name MUST BEGIN WITH YOUR LAST NAME AS REGISTERED AT UC BERKELEY (and first initial if multiple students in your cohort have the same last name).

    1. E.g. Oski Bear saves his CSMP draft as Bear_CSMP.docx (or BearO_CSMP.docx if there's another student with the last name "Bear"). When submitting multiple drafts of the same document, use a numbering system to distinguish draft versions, e.g.Bear_CSMP_3-1.docx.

  2. Submit documents in either Portable Document Format (*.pdf), or Microsoft Word (*.docx or *.doc) format if editing/reviewing is required. See How to Convert Your Documents to the Portable Document Format (PDF).

  3. The document itself should contain:

    1. HEADER: your first AND last name as registered at UC Berkeley, date

    2. FOOTER: page numbers, assignment name and/or number (if any)

  4. When using the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word, be sure to accept (or reject) any changes and change view to 'Final' (NOT 'Final Showing Markup') BEFORE converting to PDF and/or submitting the final document.

  5. When submitting assignments via email, the subject of your email should describe the assignment. It is preferable to send your assignment in a new message. However, if you choose to send by replying to an unrelated email, be sure to change the Subject line to describe the content of your message. 

  6. It is strongly recommended that you take advantage of University campus license agreements providing the most commonly used software from Microsoft and Adobe to all students at no cost.