Andrew Phuong

Andrew Estrada Phuong is a Chancellor’s Fellow, consultant, and program developer. He has a master's degree from Harvard University and has conducted mixed-methods experimental research. Phuong has studied how adaptive equity-oriented pedagogies and instructor professional development strategies reduce stereotype threat and enhance students’ academic achievement, growth mindsets, and psychosocial outcomes (e.g., motivation, self-efficacy, sense of belonging, inclusion).

Phuong also uses human-centered design and hierarchical and longitudinal regression modeling to examine how equity-oriented practices can improve student, instructor, and staff outcomes at scale. Drawing on this research and evidence-based approaches, he studies organizational change and professional development interventions that advance equity, access, and inclusion. Phuong’s scholarly work has received media coverage in Times Higher Education and was subsequently the focus of a Times Higher Education article.

He has taught courses covering a wide range of topics, such as social justice, quantitative and qualitative research methods, professional development, and adaptive equity-oriented pedagogy. For his teaching excellence, Phuong has earned the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, the Outstanding Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department TA Award, and the Teaching Effectiveness Award. He also earned the campus-wide Outstanding Peer Advisor, Mentor, Counselor, or Ambassador Award from UC Berkeley’s Council of Advising and Student Services.

Phuong has led professional development for faculty, K-16 instructors, college advisors, counselors, managers, and administrators. He has served as a Core Instructor for UC Berkeley’s Equity-Oriented Advising and Coaching program to equip college advisors, instructors, and staff with equity-oriented strategies that have advanced student engagement, success, and sense of belonging.

Some of Phuong's core areas of expertise include:

  • Adaptive Equity-Oriented Practices
  • Learning Sciences Perspectives on Equity and Human-Centered Design
  • Mixed Methods and Experimental Designs
  • Hierarchical and Longitudinal Regression Modeling
  • Organizational Change and Resistance to Change

Specializations and Interests

Adaptive Equity-Oriented Practices; Learning Sciences Perspectives on Equity and Human-Centered Design; Mixed Methods and Experimental Designs; Hierarchical and Longitudinal Regression Modeling; Organizational Change and Resistance to Change


MA, Education, Harvard University

BA, UC Berkeley