Graduate Student

Samuel Santos Jr.

Samuel Santos Jr. [he/him/his], began his journey in UC Berkeley’s educational doctorate, Leaders for Equity and Democracy (LEAD), in 2021.

He is a student affairs practitioner with nearly two decades of experience in post-secondary settings. Passionate about equity, access, and the joy of supporting adult learners, Samuel has held a wide array of leadership roles in student affairs and services spanning both two and four year colleges, including: the University of California, San Diego, the University of California, Santa Barbara, City College of San Francisco, the...

Olufemi Ogundele

Olufemi “Femi” Ogundele (he/him/his) became a doctoral student in UC Berkeley's educational doctorate, Leaders for Equity and Democracy (LEAD) in 2021. In his capacity as Associate Vice Chancellor of Admissions & Enrollment at Berkeley, Femi provides vision, strategy and leadership in the recruitment and evaluation at the University of California's flagship campus. He is a member of the Chancellor's Cabinet and oversees the Office of Undergraduate Admission, the Financial Aid Office, the Registrar, the Center for Educational Partnerships, and the Visitor's Center. His vision and...

Alice Taylor

Alice Taylor is a PhD candidate in the School of Education. An interdisciplinary social scientist and ethnographer, she studies youth identity formation and political development; sociocultural approaches to language, literacies, and learning across in-person and digital spaces; and interconnections between local and global structures of oppression and resistance.

Alice’s dissertation is a study of youth movements that rose in the past decade in Brazil. It asks how youth navigate and articulate plural struggles of feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, public education, and climate...

Lieutenant Darryl Diptee

As a Learning Scientist, Darryl's research investigates how STEM students can academically excel within oppressive social systems filled with negative gender and racial stereotypes.

He is interested in designing means, as informed by the theory of embodied cognition, by which underrepresented students in STEM might come to know their authentic selves, while strengthening confidence in personal truths and increasing agency to transform their world.

Specializations and Interests

Embodied Cognition; Somatic approaches to Psychotherapy; Equity in STEM Education

David Stevens

David Stevens is a doctoral student in the Social Research Methodologies cluster at the UC Berkeley School of Education. His research interests center on the development of alternative models for educational data analysis and their practical applications including informing instructional practices; program evaluation; school funding and resource allocation; and targeted student interventions.

His work is informed by his years as a high school science, math and Special Education teacher as well as time doing research, evaluation, and assessment at the district...

Arlyn Moreno Luna

Arlyn Moreno Luna is a doctoral candidate in the Critical Studies of Race, Class, and Gender program at UC Berkeley’s School of Education. Her scholarly interests include access and equity in higher education for first-generation and traditionally underrepresented students; students’ higher education pathways; students’ experiences when transferring from community college to four-year institutions; and bachelor's degree attainment for students who begin post-secondary education at a community college.

Arlyn was born and raised in Mexico, migrating to the U.S. as a...

Tu Moua Carroz

Tu Moua Carroz is part of the inaugural cohort of the Leaders for Equity and Democracy (LEAD) program, here at the School of Education at UC Berkeley. She firmly believes all students must be provided the opportunities to reach their highest potential regardless of race, class, income or zip code. As such, she is excited to grow as a researcher and to apply research in her practice.

Tu was born in a refugee camp in Thailand during the Vietnam War and came to America in the late 1970's. She is number seven of ten children in her family and learned how to speak, read and...

Monica Thomas

Monica Thomas is a first-year doctoral student in Cohort 1 of the Leadership for Equity and Democracy (LEAD) program in the UC Berkeley School of Education. Her research interests include school improvement and central office reform and the role local politics and community engagement play in impacting effective policy implementation.

Monica has been a long time leader in the Oakland Unified School District, serving as the founding principal of Greenleaf TK-8 as well as a Network Superintendent, where she supervised seventeen schools primarily in East Oakland. Monica...

Francis Rojas

Francis Rojas has been an educational leader at the two largest and diverse high schools in the Bay Area over the last 20 year - James Logan High School in Union City, Calif., (2002-2017) and Milpitas High School in Milpitas, Calif., (2017-current). He has served in various roles from science teacher, student activities director, house principal, vice principal, and principal. He is highly skilled in Curriculum and Instruction Reform, Student Affairs and Activities, Leadership Coaching and Professional Development, Community Outreach and Organizing, Master Scheduling, Restorative...

Danièle Fogel

Danièle Fogel is doctoral candidate in the Critical Studies of Race, Class, and Gender cluster at the School of Education at UC Berkeley. She works to develop rigorous, interdisciplinary, and critical professional development for teachers on issues of racial and social justice; she does this work in conjunction with the Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley.

Danièle's dissertation studies this work, as she examines the conditions necessary for teachers to disrupt patterns of social formation and advance social change. She is researching a particular...