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A podcast for equity leaders transforming education.


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Inclusive School Leadership Where Teachers and Students Thrive

Why do teachers leave low-income schools? In this episode, Susan Moore Johnson shares her research on school leadership and transformation.

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From Microaggressions to Macro-Affirmations

Danny Solórzano and Lindsay Pérez Huber discuss the impact of racial microaggressions and introduce their concept of macro-affirmations, charting a hopeful pathway forward for racial healing.

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Anti-Racist Advocacy for Educational Leaders

BSE Dean and Professor Michelle Young discusses the need for equity-oriented and culturally responsive leadership with host Professor Jabari Mahiri. 

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Orchestrating a Community of Diverse Educational Equity Leaders

Rebecca Cheung, BSE Assistant Dean and director of the 21CSLA State Center, delves into her leadership journey and discusses the crucial intersection of equity, leadership, and public education with Professor and 21CSLA Chair Jabari Mahiri. 

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Harmonizing a New Pulse of Leadership

Our first episode features Professor Jabari Mahiri, chair of the 21CSLA advisory board and the host of ELN!, interviewed by Robyn Ilten-Gee, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. 

Behind the scenes

Our team

  • Jabari Mahiri | Host, Editor, and Producer
  • Brianna Luna | Audio Editor and Production Specialist
  • Mayra Reyes | External Relations and Production Specialist
  • Becca Minkoff | Production Manager
  • Diana Garcia | Communications and External Relations
  • Audra Puchalski | Communications and Web Design
  • Jennifer Elemen | Digitally Mediated Learning Coordinator
  • Jen Burke | Graphic Designer
  • Robyn Ilten-Gee | Editor and Media Consultant
  • Rian Whittle | Sound Technician

We recognize and appreciate our founding team members whose vision and groundwork have been instrumental in driving our project forward: Andrea Lampros, Lissa Soep, Dara Tom, and Julia Zhu

About ELN!

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Equity Leadership Now! hosts conversations with equity-conscious leaders from PreK through university settings who transform structures and strategies for educating, particularly for those who are marginalized. We explore their innovative ideas and compelling work to realize individual, social, and environmental justice at the intersection of research, policy, and practice — because our democracy depends on it. Housed in the Leadership Programs at the Berkeley School of Education, we complement its mission and goals as well as those of 21CSLA (21st Century California State Leadership Academy). 

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Meet the host

Jabari Mahiri is a Professor in the Berkeley School of Education and the William and Mary Jane Brinton Family Chair in Urban Education. He is Faculty Director of Leadership Programs, Chair of the Leadership Board for the 21st Century California State Leadership Academies, Faculty Advisor for the Bay Area Writing Project, and a Board Member and Chair of the Governance Committee of the National Writing Project.