[Episode 3] Anti-Racist Advocacy for Educational Leaders with Michelle Young

Show Notes

Equity Leadership Now! hosts conversations with equity-conscious leaders from pre-K through university settings who transform structures and strategies for educating students, particularly for those from historically marginalized communities. 

In Episode 3, Professor Jabari Mahiri engages in a conversation with Michelle D. Young, Dean of the Berkeley School of Education.

Young discusses the significance of leadership development and effective learning experiences for school leaders, particularly emphasizing the need for equity-oriented and culturally responsive leadership. Highlighting the importance of authentic learning experiences in educational leadership preparation, Young stresses the essential characteristics required for educators in today's dynamic learning environments. She notes how engagement, active participation, problem-solving, reflection, and collaboration are essential traits for sustaining effective leaders.

The episode explores the complexity of adopting multiple perspectives and challenges leaders to think beyond their comfort zones. Redesigning principal preparation programs is identified as a critical step toward promoting transformative learning and equity leadership, with a focus on organizational culture and values. Berkeley's PLI program is emphasized as a beacon for redesigning education programs with an equity lens, seeking to enhance capacity through resources, collaboration, and partnerships.