Jose Eos Trinidad

Jose Eos Trinidad is an Assistant Professor in the Policy, Politics, and Leadership cluster of the University of California Berkeley School of Education. He is a sociologist with expertise in the study of organizations outside schools and the study of schools as organizations. He received his Joint PhD in Sociology and Comparative Human Development from The University of Chicago.

His research explores how organizations affect school improvement and inequalities, education policy, and institutional change. Conceptually, he focuses on organizational networks and institutional theory. Substantively, he studies policies on organizational data use, teacher wellbeing, and student-centered learning. Methodologically, he integrates quantitative causal inference and qualitative interview approaches to understand education policy and systems holistically.

His research has been published in more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles such as in Educational Researcher; Socius; Sociological Inquiry; Race Ethnicity & Education; and Leadership & Policy in Schools. He is also the author of two books, one of which won the Philippine National Book Award.


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^ Media coverage: invited podcast feature for Down the Research Rabbit Hole

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^ Winner: Earl S. and Esther Johnson Prize for Best MA Thesis

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PhD, The University of Chicago, Sociology and Comparative Human Development

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