Social Research Methodologies

Our faculty develop and apply state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative methods for research, assessment, and program evaluation in education. We have expertise ranging from design-based research, ethnography and interviewing, to statistics, measurement, and data science. Students will learn the theory underpinning social research methods and how to apply them in sophisticated and innovative ways to inform education policy and practice.

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Data Science


Design-Based Research
Data Science
Core Courses
EDUC 271B Introduction to Qualitative Methods/ Murphy-Graham
EDUC 274A Measurement in Education & the Social Sciences I/ Wilson
EDUC 276A Introduction to Program Evaluation/ Linda Morrell
New Course TBD/ Gutierrez + Wilkerson
EDUC 293A Data Analysis in Educational Research I/ Draney
EDUC C260F Machine Learning in Education/ Pardos
EDUC 243 Advanced Qualitative Methods/ Gutierrez
EDUC 274B Measurement in Education & the Social Sciences II/ Wilson
EDUC 276C Practicum in Evaluation/ Instructor TBD
EDUC 222C Design-Based Research Forum/ Abrahamson
EDUC 275B Data Analysis in Educational Research II/ Rabe-Hesketh
INFO 254 Data Mining & Analytics/ Pardos
EDUC 273 Video Analysis Seminar/ Wilkerson
EDUC 274C Research Seminar in Measurement/ Wilson
EDUC 276D Theoretical Issues in Evaluation/ Instructor TBD
SCMATHE 220C Design of Educational Innovations/ Linn
EDUC 275G Hierarchical & Longitudinal Modeling/ Rabe-Hesketh
EDUC 250C Discourse Analysis/ Sterponi
EDUC 274D Multidimensional Measurement/ Wilson
EDUC 252B The Ethnography of Literacy/ Sterponi
EDUC 270B BEAR Seminar/ Wilson
EDIC 280C The Conduct of Ethnographic Inquiry/ Baquedano-López
EDUC 223B Mathematical Thinking & Problem Solving/ Schoenfeld