Rachel B. Reinhard

portrait image of Rachel B Reinhard wearing red top with white sweater turquoise stones necklace




Rachel B. Reinhard teaches in BTEP and directs the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project, which is a member site of the California History-Social Science Project, one of the California Subject Matter Projects. Through her work with UCBHSSP, she supports teachers in planning for history instruction in K12 classrooms. The Project's emphasis ranges from academic literacy to discipline-specific thinking, always inviting students into the process of meaningful and relevant knowledge construction. She is an active member of Bay Area history communities, the California Council for the Social Studies, and the American Historical Association's teaching and learning efforts. She is a founding member and current co-chair of UCB Professional Development Providers.

Reinhard taught elementary school in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Oakland, California, prior to obtaining her doctorate in the Department of History at UC Berkeley. Her dissertation research focused on grassroots organizing of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the implementation of the Voting Rights Act in Mississippi. She taught US and African American History courses, as well as secondary social studies methods, as a faculty member at SUNY Cortland before returning to UC Berkeley to direct UCBHSSP.