Siqi Huang

Siqi is a first-year PhD student in the Graduate Group of Science and Mathematics Education (SESAME) at UC Berkeley. Her primary advisor is Prof. Alan H. Schoenfeld and she is an active member of the Functions group and the Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) research group. Siqi is interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics, particularly as it relates to helping learners (a) see and experience mathematics as an integrated sense-making discipline, (b) develop positive disciplinary identity, sense of agency, and productive disciplinary habits of mind, and (c) become flexible, resourceful mathematical thinkers and doers through pedagogical designs and diverse learning experiences.

In the midst of the pandemic, Siqi has trained herself to be a guiding, supportive mathematics educator through various teaching, mentoring, and tutoring experiences. Among others, Siqi has served as a Graduate Student Instructor in the mathematics department at UC Berkeley, as a Research Mentor for UC Berkeley undergraduates, as a Mathematics Counselor/Instructor at Ross Mathematics Program, and as a mathematics tutor at Art of Problem Solving and GoPeer.

Specializations and Interests

Problem Solving, Learning and Deep Understanding, Pedagogical Designs, Disciplinary Identity and Agency, Equity

portrait image of doctoral student siqi huang


BS, Mathematics, UCLA