Learning Sciences & Human Development

Lieutenant Darryl Diptee

As a Learning Scientist, Darryl's research investigates how STEM students can academically excel within oppressive social systems filled with negative gender and racial stereotypes.

He is interested in designing means, as informed by the theory of embodied cognition, by which underrepresented students in STEM might come to know their authentic selves, while strengthening confidence in personal truths and increasing agency to transform their world.

Specializations and Interests

Embodied Cognition; Somatic approaches to Psychotherapy; Equity in STEM Education

Collette Roberto

Collette is a PhD student working at the intersection of Computer Science (CS) Education and Learning Sciences (LS). She has worked across a number of critical computing education projects and their respective incredible teams. One such incredible team includes Dr. Michelle Wilkerson and Dr. Kris Gutiérrez’s Writing Data Stories project, where middle schoolers transform data to tell sociocritical data narratives. Another incredible team includes Dr. Armando Fox and Dr. Dan Garcia’s Algorithms in Computing Education Lab, where graduates, undergraduates, and professors from across UC...

Heather Fink

Heather Fink is a PhD candidate in Mathematics Education at the University of California, Berkeley. She has BA degrees in Economics and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences from Northwestern University. In addition, she has a single-subject mathematics teaching credential from Mills College and earned National Board Certification for Teaching (early adolescence/mathematics).

Heather is dedicated to promoting educational equity through research and classroom instruction. Her research focuses on understanding how inequities are constructed through classroom interactions and how...

Jacob Barton

Jake grew up in rural New Hampshire in a family of teachers, and learned to admire educators from an early age. In college, he did his best to reconcile his interests in climate science and storytelling, graduating from Harvard with a BA in Environmental Science & Public Policy and a minor in English literature. After leading outdoor education trips in Colorado and Alaska, Jake started as a science teacher, soccer coach, and director of sustainability at a high school in southwest Virginia. He began his time as a Doctoral student at Berkeley in 2019.

Jake’s research explores the...

Amy Banas

Amy Banas is a doctoral student under the supervision of Dr. Elliot Turiel. She is a former NCAA Division I student-athlete and holds master's degrees in Global Studies and the Intersection of Sport and Education. Her master's thesis explored the use of sport in global peace and development initiatives and involved fieldwork in Cambodia. She has worked as the Lead Research Consultant for No Bully’s “Power of Zero” anti-bullying campaign and has completed research on weapon-use in California high schools with Dr. Chunyan Yang.

Currently, Amy is working on a...