Vasiliki (Vicky) Laina

Vicky is a PhD candidate in the SESAME program and a member of the CoRE lab (Computational Representations in Education). She is interested in better understanding and supporting productive engagement in mathematical argumentation. Proofs have a central place in her work, and she employs low- and high-tech instructional designs to make disciplinary practices associated with the production and communication of proofs accessible to young learners.

Vicky holds an MA in Mathematics Education from the University of Leeds, UK, and the equivalent to a BSc and MSc in Pure and Applied Mathematics from the University of Athens, Greece. She comes from Greece, has lived and studied in 4 different countries, and has taught math to middle and high school students. Vicky is a volunteer representative of YERME (Young European Researchers in Mathematics Education).


MA, Mathematics Education, University of Leeds, UK
BSc and MSc, Pure and Applied Mathematics, University of Athens, Greece

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Vicky Laina