C. Darius Gordon

C. Darius Gordon (they/them) is an interdisciplinary scholar and educator. They are currently a PhD candidate in the Critical Studies of Race, Class, & Gender program cluster. Broadly, they study the histories of 20th-century Black liberation movements throughout the Atlantic world. Drawing on Black feminisms and Black Geographic thought, Darius’s dissertation project is a social and intellectual history of the relations forged between activist-intellectuals of Brazilian Black movements and the anti-colonial revolutions of Portuguese-speaking Africa. Tentatively titled, "‘We on the Other Side’: Black Internationalism in the Lusophone World, 1950s-1980s," their project draws upon archived exchanges, Black press publications, organizational documents, Portuguese and Brazilian surveillance documents, and oral history interviews to ask questions not only of the ideas that circulated but also of the discursive and material routes that made them possible. It is their hope that this work will further our understanding of the histories of Black internationalism, the limits and possibilities of transnational solidarity, and the lasting legacies of (Portuguese) empire.

Additionally, Darius has written on Black educational thought, Afropessimism, and Black educational activism.

Their work has been published in Berkeley Review of Education; Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies; Race Ethnicity and Education; and Comparative Education Review. Their research has been supported by the Global, International, and Area Studies research hub; the Black Studies Collaboratory; the Center for Race and Gender; and the Center for Latin American Studies.

Specializations and Interests

Critical Theories of Race, 20th Century Intellectual and Social History, Black Geographies, Black Feminisms, Social Movements