Danièle Fogel

Danièle Fogel is doctoral candidate in the Critical Studies of Race, Class, and Gender cluster at the School of Education at UC Berkeley. She works to develop rigorous, interdisciplinary, and critical professional development for teachers on issues of racial and social justice; she does this work in conjunction with the Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley.

Danièle's dissertation studies this work, as she examines the conditions necessary for teachers to disrupt patterns of social formation and advance social change. She is researching a particular teacher learning space that is dedicated to the issue of race and housing in the Bay Area. Danièle is examining the significance of place-based learning for teachers, the ingredients that contribute to effective and impactful university-teacher partnerships, and the ways in which teachers translate their learning to curriculum as well as to their work with students, families, and communities more broadly.

Danièle's work responds to the need for more professional learning spaces for justice-oriented teachers, as well as the need to better understand how university-based research can be made accessible to and engaging for K-12 teachers.

Before beginning her doctoral program, Danièle worked for eight years as a high school English teacher in France, Cameroon, New York, and Oakland, and she was an instructional coach for teachers. Danièle was born and raised in the Bay Area, and has a passion for gardening and growing food.

Specializations and Interests

Teacher Learning & Professional Development; University-Teacher Partnerships; Critical Pedagogy; Language & Literacy; Global Education


MA, Education, UC Berkeley

MA, Secondary English Education, grades 7-12, NYU Steinhardt School of Education

BA, Oberlin College

California Teaching Certificate in secondary English Language Arts

New York State Teaching Certificate in English Language Arts