Leadership Coaching

The Leadership Programs of the GSE train and support a cadre of practicing leaders, including administrators, educational system leaders, and teacher leaders. To supplement the coaching provided during preparation and induction,our coaching aims to support and sustain equity-conscious leaders in the field. Coaches use the Coaching for Social Justice and Equity model with the goal of helping each coachee develop to their full social justice leadership potential. We provide individualized coaching support at two levels: 

  • Alumni Coaching is for graduates of PLI or LSP who express interest in receiving continued individual coaching support. Coaching can be particularly helpful during a transition to a new position, a leadership team change, or an identified area for supported growth. This short-term service is offered up to 60 hours a year at a reduced rate.

  • The Coaching Initiative is for educational leaders who would like intensive support (40+ hours) and development that includes both individual coaching support, and attendance at relevant district meetings or additional supports toward progress on identified goals. Typical coachees include practicing school leaders with specific areas of needed growth or novice school leaders who have a strong foundation and need support putting theory into practice. Coaching is available for school-level leaders or system leaders, and is provided by a coach with a proven track record of success in a similar role. All coaches receive extensive training in the Coaching for Social Justice and Equity model, as well as ongoing professional development.

For pricing and more information regarding Leadership Coaching, please contact Dr. Lihi Rosenthal at lihi@berkeley.edu.