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Many BSE faculty and students share their expertise at events and other forums. Check out these videos that are worth watching. Some videos may require registration.

uc links staff member karla trujillo standing in front of sather gate

We are the Berkeley School of Education

For 120+ years, we were known as the Graduate School of Education. Today, it's a new moment for teachers, research, leaders. We are the Berkeley School of Education. Celebrate with us. (00:02:23)

portraits of professors Bruce Fuller and Chunyan Yang with some text about details of their talk

What do we know empirically about Universal Prekindergarten?

Professors Bruce Fuller and Chunyan Yang discuss research related to Universal Prekindergarten and highlighted the opportunities and challenges to come as California rolls out kindergarten for every 4-year-old in the state. (00:54:11)

three school psychology alumni Laurie Klose Frank Worrell and Sissy Hatzichristou

Three School Psychology alumni: Berkeley's unique program

Together they have nearly 150 years in the profession of school psychology. They each lead professional organizations with a combined membership of nearly 200,000 people worldwide. Their work and service has undoubtedly touched the lives of millions of school children around the globe. Hear from Dr. Laurie Klose PhD ’95, C.ESP ’92, C.EPP ’90, Professor Frank Worrell PhD '94, and Professor Chryse “Sissy” Hatzichristou PhD '87. (00:37:42)

Professor Dor Abrahamson is holding a model quadrilateral made from wooden chopsticks and rubberbands, and a 3D printed version that plugs into a computer.

Professor Dor Abrahamson

Professor Dor Abrahamson, director of the Berkeley GSE's Embodied Design Research Laboratory (EDRL), has collaborated with two labs at other universities to build The Quad, a hand-held geometric manipulative for sighted and sight-impaired students to learn mathematics -- together. The research paper for The Quad has earned the Dr. Arthur I. Karshmer Award for Assistive Technology Research from the CSUN AT Conference. (00:03:47)

Professor Mark Wilson

“How did I know I did a good job? What told me I did a good job?" asks Professor Mark Wilson during his November 2021 American Educational Research Association (AERA) E.F. Lindquist Lecture, "Finding the Right Grain Size for Measurement in the Classroom." Wilson explains that a gap exists for smaller scale assessments of success in the classroom. His AERA talk explores these questions and provides educators with tools for assessing success. (1:04:20)

Professor Janelle Scott

As the country grapples with the third academic year that has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and with new awareness about racial inequality, many people have identified public education as the cause and, paradoxically, the solution for a host of challenges, including science denial, social equity, and reliable childcare for working parents. In her 2021 Berkeley Homecoming lecture, "How To Ensure Public Education Lives Up To Its Democratic Ideals," Professor Janelle Scott discusses the pre-Covid-19 landscape that has contributed to many of the problems facing public education and offer a vision for how public schools might better live up to its democratic promise. (00:50:43)

Waves of Influence Lecture

Professor Anne Haas Dyson, of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, delivers the inaugural Waves of Influence Lecture, "Are You Hot Lunch?" Literacy, Equity, and Belonging in Peer WorldsProfessor Dyson explores the idea of “help” and how institutional ideologies, policies and practices affect how children assume who needs help: the “hot lunch” kids. (01:47:26)

Prudence L. Carter, Dean

Dean Carter talks with the PBS News Hour about critical race theory, what it is, and isn't; and how to teach kids about racism in an ‘age-appropriate’ way; how state laws seeking to limit teachings on race could miss vital context; why you shouldn’t avoid the fact that the U.S. was ‘built on some dark events’ when teaching kids; and what is the end goal of critical race theory? Listen to the discussion, "Answering your questions on critical race theory." (00:31:15)

Berkeley Conversations: Race, Law, and Education

GSE Dean Prudence L. Carter, and Christopher Edley, Jr., who was named the GSE's Interim Dean and is also the former Dean of Berkeley Law, discuss deeply-grooved roadblocks to racial equity in K-12 education — and ways to surmount them. Other panelists include Maria Echaveste, president and CEO of the Opportunity Institute; and Mark Rosenbaum, director of Public Counsel. (01:10:59)

Bruce Fuller, Professor

For several months beginning in fall 2020, Professor Bruce Fuller followed 32 California teachers as they pivoted to remote classrooms. "It’s clear that many of them feel exhausted after long staring into that flickering grid of bedraggled faces. But we also discovered an uninvited yet living laboratory for creative teachers. Their pedagogical inventions­–deploying digital tools that spur lively conversation or offer personalized feedback in real time–have bubbled up from below, rather than mandated by district bureaucrats from above." Watch the interviews with several of the teachers in "Teachers Talk of Digital Tools, How to Enliven Classrooms -- Lemonade from Lemons." (00:09:20) 

Michael Ranney, Professor

Wichita State University's Earth Day Virtual Celebration 2021 included a panel discussion with Michael Ranney, whose research  explores the nature of explanation and understanding, in both formal and informal domains. (2:07:01)

Zeus Leonardo, Professor

Berkeley Conversation: Trumpism and its Discontents. Zeus Leonardo, a Professor and the GSE's Associate Dean, joins other Berkeley scholars in offering a deep and crucial examination of the political conditions that led to the rise of Donald Trump and the consequences of his presidency on US society and the world. (1:02:54)

Lisa García Bedolla, Vice Provost, and Professor

Lisa García Bedolla, who is Berkeley's Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division, and a Professor in the Graduate School of Education, is a panelist in a KQED discussion, On Common Ground: Affirmative Action in California. Other panelists are: David Chiu, California State Assembly Member for the 17th District; and Walter Wilson, civil rights activist, and co-owner Silicon Valley Minority Business Consortium. KQED's race and equity reporter, Sandhya Dirks, and student guest reporter Janelle Marie Salanga, moderate the conversation. (1:17:30)

Prudence L. Carter, Dean

Dean Carter is a panelist in a discussion, "Addressing Inequalities in Education through Policy, Research, and Practice." The event was hosted by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. (00:58:20)

Carolina Hamburger, Student

Carolina Hamburger, who is earning her MA in Education, shows us her research in Brazil, "Jongo, a circle for equality." The project was a journey of research and investigation carried out in a class of children (4 and 5 years old) who are discovering and experiencing this cultural practice. It aimed to value and promote representation of the Afro-Brazilian culture in the pursuit of racial equality. Through various experiences and exploring different languages, the children had the opportunity to learn about Jongo, Brazilian history and the constitution of its culture. (00:23:46)

Prudence L. Carter, Dean

Dean Carter talks about how the next government should end the nation’s persistent racial injustices, with a particular focus on education. (00:01:12)

Travis J. Bristol, Assistant Professor

COVID-19 & Racial Equity: A National Reckoning in Public Education. A panel discussion that also included John B. King, Jr., former U.S. Secretary of Education and CEO of The Education Trust; Phyllis Lockett, Founder & CEO of LEAP Innovations; Cynthia Robinson-Rivers, the Founder & Head of School at Van Ness Elementary; and Keri Rodrigues, Founding President of the National Parents Union. The panel was moderated by Rehema Ellis, NBC News education correspondent and held during the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) 2020 Virtual Convention, and hosted by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. (00:57:18)

Zachary Pardos, Associate Professor

Sesame Colloquium. Leveraging Content and Context for Course Recommendation in Higher Education. The classic "Amazon style" recommendation based on "users like you" has been successful in e-commerce, but is insufficient for supporting the multifaceted goals of students and their institutions in higher education contexts. In this talk, Prof. Pardos discusses neural network approaches that have contributed to the potentially transformative effort to recommend more equitable transfer pathways between 2-year and 4-year degree granting institutions, the role they are playing in a production course guidance system deployed at UC Berkeley, and limitations that will be addressed by future research. (01:28:15)

Kris Gutiérrez, Professor

The University of Colorado Boulder awarded Prof. Gutiérrez the 2020 George Norlin Award, the highest honor for CU Boulder alumni. The award ceremony included a video of Prof. Gutiérrez and her work. (00:01:11)

Zeus Leonardo, Professor

Race, Class, and the Path to College. A panel discussion that explores how does inequality in the K-12 school system complicate the mission of higher ed? How can colleges work more closely with school districts to address racial and class disparities? What else will it take to build a stronger pipeline to college? Other panelists include William R. Hite Jr., superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia; Carol Johnson Dean, interim president of LeMoyne-Owen College and former school superintendent in Boston, Minneapolis, and Memphis; Alicia Oglesby, director of school and college counseling at Bishop McNamara High School; and Kim Hunter Reed, commissioner of higher education for Louisiana. The event was sponsored by The Chronicle of Higher Education, and moderated by Michael J. Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College, and Scott Carlson, a senior writer at The Chronicle. (01:31:77)

Frank C. Worrell, Professor

Berkeley Conversations. COVID-19: Mental health and well being for ourselves and our children. Three leading Berkeley psychologists discussed effective approaches and strategies for dealing with the anxiety, stress and uncertainty that are inherent parts of the COVID-19 crisis. Other panelists include Sonia Bishop, associate professor,  Department of Psychology and the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute; and Dacher Keltner, professor of Psychology and Co-Director of the Greater Good Science Center. (00:31:58)

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