The aim of the Berkeley Psychology Internship Consortium (B-PIC) is to provide high quality training to doctoral interns who are dedicated to providing comprehensive psychological services to children and families in school settings. B-PIC is designed to prepare interns for independent practice and to meet California state School Psychology certification requirements. 

 The broad education and training objectives are aimed at developing the full range of competencies that are expected of Health Service Psychologists. Interns further develop and refine their competencies while working as part of multi-disciplinary teams to coordinate and deliver school-based psychological services. Depending on the placement site, interns have access to training experiences across a wide range of ages (preschool through adult), types of psychopathology, and treatment settings. Their work includes, but is not limited to, psychological assessment, intervention, and consultation. They also assist in the development of prevention programs, provide early intervention with at-risk youth, and deliver comprehensive and intensive mental health treatment for individuals with clinical diagnoses and related educational impairments. In-depth training in the areas of legal and ethical standards, professional values and attitudes, and communications and interpersonal skills is provided during regular supervision hours and incorporated into monthly training seminar presentations. It is expected that interns conduct themselves in accordance with the highest national, state, and local standards for ethical and legal practice.