The Berkeley Psychology Internship Consortium (B-PIC) offers full-time internship positions to doctoral students enrolled in APA-or-CPA accredited programs in school psychology. Students from clinical and counseling psychology programs will not be considered. Students interested in applying must submit an online application through APPIC (

A complete application must include the following materials:

  1. A completed application (online AAPI);
  2. A cover letter that includes a statement about which school district is preferred and the rationale; 
  3. A current Curriculum Vitae;
  4. Three references using APPIC’s Standardized Reference Form (SRF), two of which must be from individuals who have directly supervised the prospective intern in clinical work;
  5. Official transcripts of all graduate-level coursework; and
  6. One work sample (applicants are encouraged to submit a comprehensive psychological assessment).

Application Screening and Interview Processes

B-PIC bases its selection process on the entire application package noted above. Applicants with a minimum of 300 total hours of practicum experience are preferred.

Applicants who have met the following qualifications are preferred:

  1. Experience with children and in schools in each of these areas: Assessment, intervention/counseling, and consultation;
  2. Experience or special interest in working with diverse populations;
  3. Dissertation proposal approved or successfully defended; and
  4. Current enrollment in UC Berkeley’s School Psychology Program.

All applicants are reviewed by an Interview Committee that is composed of a primary supervisor from each school district/site and at least 2 additional members of the B-PIC Training Committee. If a member of this Interview Committee has been put down as a reference by an applicant, they will recuse themselves from the application review and intern selection, but may participate in the interview processes. A standard Applicant Rating Scale is used to evaluate each applicant’s potential goodness of fit with the internship program. As mentioned above, applicants who are students in UC Berkeley’s School Psychology doctoral program are given additional weight. The Interview Committee meets jointly to determine which applicants to invite for interviews based on initial applicant reviews. Applicants are notified by December 15th if they have been selected for an Interview. Interviews are conducted in January with the entire Interview Committee. If an in-person interview is not possible, virtual interviews are conducted instead. Interviews are conducted using a standard set of interview questions, although members of the committee may ask additional interview questions of applicants as appropriate.

The Interview Committee holds a meeting within three weeks of the final interviews being completed and before APPIC’s rank order deadline. At this meeting, each school district determines their applicant rankings, based on the full application and information gleaned from the interview process. This internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.

All interns who match to B-PIC must go through the standard hiring procedures of the School District in which they will work. This process will include, at a minimum: (a) proof of citizenship, legal residency, or an F-1 student visa, (b) a fingerprint-based background check, and (c) results from a tuberculosis (TB) screening test from the previous 12-months. Instructions for providing this information or completing the background check and TB screening will be sent out by each individual school district to all who match after the match process is complete. With regard to background checks that result in findings of a criminal record, each school district reserves the right to evaluate what the infraction was and when it occurred in order to decide whether to proceed with hiring. For example, a misdemeanor from years ago may be acceptable and thus hiring may proceed. No person who has been convicted of any of the following will be hired: 1) a serious or violent felony as defined in California Education Code Section 45125.1 (citing Education Code Section 45122.1); 2) a sexual offense as defined in Education Code Section 44010; or 3) a controlled substance offense as defined in Education Code Section 44011.

Questions regarding any part of the application selection process or B-PICs academic preparation requirements may be directed to the Training Co-Director, Dr. Kate Perry.