Key points regarding entertainment policy, roles and responsibilities can be found on this Understanding Entertainment Policy page.

The Help With Entertainment campus resource contains a wealth of links for all entertainment-related questions, including job aids.

To reduce personal spending up-front on entertainment:

  • BearBuy can be used for entertainment-related purchases and can be required for larger events which include vendor contracts and purchase orders
  • You can request purchases be charged to the department Event Planner credit card by filling out the Event Card Request Form and emailing it the BSO at BSE_BusinessOffice@berkeley.edu. Note: please plan for at least 2 weeks lead time on card purchase requests.

If you are requesting reimbursement for Entertainment:  Faculty, staff, and students directly enter all reimbursement requests into UC Berkeley’s Reimbursement System: Reimbursement System Link. Specific information regarding reimbursements for entertainment-related expenses can be found in this resource: Filing An Entertainment Expense Report.

Key requirements for reimbursement requests:


BSE Business Services Office
2121 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-1670

Email: BSE_BusinessOffice@berkeley.edu

Student Hiring

Email: BSE_StudentHiring@berkeley.edu