Purchasing & Payment

UC Berkeley’s purchasing system is BearBuy: Link to BearBuy System

  • All staff, faculty, and student employees have access to BearBuy by default with a “shopper” role.
  • An overview of BearBuy and guidance on questions about the system can be found at this BearBuy Getting Started Link.
  • BearBuy job aids and reference materials are available at this BearBuy Resources Link.
  • BearBuy contains many pre-set options for purchasing office supplies and other regular office needs.

If you need something purchased via credit card (BluCard), or are unable to put in a BearBuy order yourself, you may send a purchase request by filling out this Purchase Request Form and emailing it to the Business Services Office at BSE_BusinessOffice@berkeley.edu. Submit this form at least 2 weeks before any deadline date for the order/request.

Specific types of payment requests: (Submit forms at least 2 weeks before any deadline date for the request.)

UC Berkeley provides tools for planning purchases and utilizing pre-approved vendor contracts:

If you are working with a new vendor or supplier who will need to get set up in UC Berkeley’s systems:

  • Send the Business Services Office an email at BSE_BusinessOffice@berkeley.edu
    • Subject line: New supplier
    • Include in email: Business Name, Contact person name and email address (required)
  • The contact person will receive an email to the address provided with a link to UC Berkeley’s Supplier Onboarding Portal where they will provide all required information.


BSE Business Services Office
2121 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-1670

Email: BSE_BusinessOffice@berkeley.edu

Student Hiring

Email: BSE_StudentHiring@berkeley.edu