Purchasing & Reimbursement Forms

All payments or reimbursement/order requests submitted to the BSO must be accompanied by one of the forms below, completed in full and with all required signatures. BSO Budget Administrators will return any payment/reimbursement/order requests that are submitted with an incomplete form, or without a form. If you are uncertain about which form to use, contact your GSE Budget Administrator.

Requests for any type reimbursement must be supported by documentation clearly showing proof of payment (original receipts, invoices marked “Paid in Full,” credit card or bank statements, etc.). Note: certain expenses require specific documentation (e.g., zero-balance statement for lodging reimbursement). It is important to read the form instructions before obtaining and submitting receipts. Receipts should be taped, not stapled, to 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper on one side of the paper only (not taped to the front and back); the back of scratch paper is acceptable.

Requests for payment must be accompanied by supporting documentation such as a price quote from a vendor or individual prior to when the service begins and an invoice after the service has been completed.

Honorarium Payment (fill-in form)

Participant Support Stipend Payment

Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Worksheet

Independent Contractor with Insurance

Independent Contractor without Insurance
Please visit the Risk Services webpage for information on how to purchase insurance, and then refer to the "Independent Contractor with Insurance" form.

Independent Contractor After the Fact (fill-in form)

Foreign Vendors
Please visit the campus Controller's Office website for tax compliance (Glacier).