Payment for Services Request Form

The campus has restrictions on the types of services which are payable, as well as who can be paid for services rendered. Certain types of payment for services cannot be processed by the BSO, but must be requisitioned through the campus’ Procurement & Business Contracts Office. It is a best practice, before any payment agreement is made, to first contact your GSE Budget Administrator. Your GSE Budget Administrator can help determine whether and how an individual can be paid.

A UC Berkeley Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information form has been added in all the attachments below for any individual/vendor who needs to be added in the payment system or, who are already in the payment system but their address needs to be updated. This form must be completed and signed (no e-signatures are allowed) by the individual/vendor. Please note, the Vendoring Department will not accept the Form W-9: Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification in lieu of the UC Berkeley Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information form. Important: Since the documentation is required in advance for Independent Contractors, please submit documentation at least 2 weeks prior to the begin date of service to allow for sufficient time for processing and to avoid after the fact payments.

  • Honorarium: A one-time payment granted in recognition of a special service or distinguished achievement for which propriety precludes setting a fixed price, such as a special lecture, participation in a workshop or panel discussion, or similar activities. Please remember to attach flyer or announcement. For more information and guidelines for honorarium payments, visit the campus Controller's Office.

  • Participant Support (including Stipend): An individual who is receiving a service or training opportunity from a workshop, conference, seminar, symposium, or other short-term instructional or information sharing activity funded by a sponsored award. Participant support costs items: Participant allowance, supplies, per diem, travel expenses and/or registration fees paid to or on behalf of participants connection in activity of project. For more information for Participant Support/Stipend payments, visit the campus Controller's Office.

  • Independent Contractor: An individual or entity performing a specific service for the UC based on a set price, pursuant to a scope of work and deliverables set by the UC, prior to when the service begins. Examples of services: Printing services; web/graphic design; transcription; freelance writer; etc. For more information for Independent Contractors, visit the campus Supply Chain Management website

  • Independent Contractor - After the Fact: An Independent Contractor who commenced services without prior authorization/approval from Procurement Department and/or Risk Services is considered after the fact and an after the fact justification must be completed. For more information on after the fact payments for Independent Contractors, visit the campus Supply Chain Management website.

If the payee is a UCB employee, please contact the BSO before the service begins; the payee’s eligibility to receive such payments will first need to be determined. 

If the individual/vendor does not have insurance but the services provided will cost more than $4,999, the individual/vendor will have to purchase insurance through UC Broker by applying for insurance online at Campus Connexions.

Honorarium Payment (fill-in form)

Participant Support Stipend Payment

Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Worksheet

Independent Contractor with Insurance

Independent Contractor After the Fact (fill-in form)

Independent Contractor without Insurance
Please visit the Risk Services webpage for information on how to purchase insurance, and then refer to the "Independent Contractor with Insurance" form.

Foreign Vendors
Please visit the campus Controller's Office website for tax compliance (Glacier).