Reimbursements/Office Supply Orders/Blucard Purchase

Important: For any printing, photocopies, or advertisements that need to be purchased, please obtain a quote from the vendor prior to having the vendor invoice or paying out of pocket for these expenses since these type of expenses now have to be set up before the fact via a requisition, which is a preferred procurement method. Please submit documentation at least 2 weeks before printing, photocopies, or advertisements are needed to allow for sufficient time for processing and to avoid after the fact payments.

If you would like to place a furniture order, please contact Cynthia Robinson, Facilities Coordinator.

This form is used to request reimbursements for miscellaneous expenses such as books purchased, copy costs, etc., to order office supplies via BearBuy, or to request a blucard purchase from non-UC vendors (ex. Amazon, B&H, etc.).       

All orders for campus preferred vendors (OfficeMax, Give Something Back, Apple, Dell and Lenova) should be placed through BearBuy. 

All campus faculty, students and staff with Calnet ID have access to BearBuy by default with shopper role. Coordinate with your Budget Administrator when placing order.

Log in to BearBuy through campus Blu portal (Finance/BearBuy), url: BearBuy (Full Suite 2012)

Job aids and reference materials can be found at:

Form: Reimbursements/Office Supply Orders/Blucard Purchase